We stand INDIVISIBLE for a constitutional government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We DEFEND against attacks on the principles of equality, liberty, and opportunity for all.

We SUPPORT our neighbors of all creeds, races, and orientations. We DEFEND every human being’s right to education and health care. We DEMAND every woman’s right to control her own body. We PROTECT the necessary separation of church and state. We GUARD our natural environment against corporate pollution.

Our mission begins locally. Indivisible North Baltimore County will call, petition, write, and meet with our Maryland Members of Congress to ensure they are representing the protections that we fight for.

Our mission DRIVES our ideals and is not limited to one political party. Our ideals are the BARE MINIMUM protections that all people in this country deserve, regardless of the color of their skin, their religious faith, their gender assignment at birth, the land of their ancestors, or the legality of their immigration status. Whether you identify as a Democrat, Republican, or another political party—or none at all—we invite you to stand INDIVISIBLE with us so our voices are heard in Washington, D.C.



Read through the Indivisible Guide  or you can sit back and watch the Indivisible guide introductory video.