CASA Event Tomorrow: Organizing beyond DACA

CASA Of Maryland has organized an event in support of DACA. We need to stand Indivisible. WHERE: Sacred Heart of Jesus, 600 S Conkling St, Baltimore, Maryland 21224 WHEN: 09/05/2017 at 7 PM - 9 PM After the president's announcement regarding DACA, DREAMERs from the Baltimore region will come together to debrief the announcement, what it means for our families,… Continue reading CASA Event Tomorrow: Organizing beyond DACA


Fight Climate Change!

At our meeting today we learnt how we can take individual responsibility to fight climate change now. Each American's share of the Paris Accords is to reduce your carbon emissions by 16,000 lbs/year. Honestly, you can't reach this number for a household of people, but here's what you can do to come close


How to protest

At our meeting today we learnt about the upcoming protest marches and good protesting tips: how to keep our protest CLEAN, how to engage (or not engage) with hecklers, how to stay safe, and how to navigate nitty-gritties like where to park or what bus to take!  Here's the slide deck shown at the meeting.


Weekly Call- 03/04/2017

The Maryland Trust Act is important state legislation that would prevent all police in Maryland from assisting ICE in enforcing federal immigration laws, and would make Maryland a sanctuary state.  It's sponsored by CASA, ACLU, and SEIU, and we strongly support this bill becoming law!   Read more about the bill here: Currently, the Trust… Continue reading Weekly Call- 03/04/2017